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A.M.FLEXIPACK PVT LTD is the largest manufacturer in the country of Tamper evident bags, manufacturing more than 200 million bags per annum. We currently are in the space of E-Commerce packaging, FMCG, Pharmaceutical packaging, Bank Confidential documents packaging, Industrial packaging, etc.,

A.M.FLEXIPACK a dynamic business organization, committed to meet the rising market demands for tamper proof & quality assured Courier Bags, E-commerce SecurityBags,andmore.

We are specialized in manufacturing Tamper Evident Envelope, Courier bags, Tamper proof courier bags, Plastic Envelope, Cheque book Envelopes, High Security Envelopes, Mailing Envelope, Bubble lined Envelopes, Packing List envelopes, Shopping & Retail Bags, ECommerce Security Bags, Flyers, Stretch films, Air bubble films, BOPP Tapes, Corrugated boxes, LDPE bags and more. Manufacturing based in Ahmedabad,Gujarat. (India).

A.M.FLEXIPACK products are divided into specific market segments:
E-Commerce bags for online retailers
Protective packaging (Poly bubble) for shipping fragile items
Security bags for store location Gold deposits, cash, checks or coins
Courier and transport bags for express shipping

Many technical aspects are developed and engineered into every poly envelope to ensure the bag is fully functional under all bag applications and uses. For example, here are some top-level envelope criteria that must be analyzed for each application.

Glue adhesion It is critical that the adhesion have an instant bond with the material.
Coefficient of Friction (COF) to ensure the bag performs and works on conveyer’s and distribution centers.
Multi-Layer extruded films to ensure bag performance, opacity and cost efficiencies.
Seal strength film must have tremendous seal strength to ensure performance.
Puncture resistance film must meet certain puncture criteria for the contents being loaded and during
Tear resistance film must meet certain tear criteria for the contents being loaded and during transportation.

There are many additional features that A.M.FLEXIPACK can customized for our customer’s specific requirements:
Here are a few to list:
Double strips of glue and liner for simplified end customer returns
Anti-static release liners to be used in high volume distribution centers
Intermittent glue/Glue Gap on edges for easy liner tear off
Single/double/multiple perforations for easy opening of package
Bag sequential numbering and UPC for security applications
Tamper evident release tapes-Level 3/ Level 4/Level 5 for high security applications
Bag handles for easy carry
Gussets for added bag expansion

Why Us?

1. Composite in house manufacturing facility from Film Extrusion to Bag making all under one roof.
2. State of art machinery with world class Extrusion and printing & bag making machines.
3. One of Highest capacity in the country, owing to shortest lead times.
4. Also offer buffer stocking for dispatches within 24 hours.
5. A.M.FLEXIPACK has a long list of green credentials and a deep-rooted commitment to environmental responsibility, and operates according to an effective eco-strategy.
6. Our experts will help you choose the right material for your specific needs. Paper bags, plastic bags or reusable bags – we deliver the right product at the right price.
7. Beautiful packaging is not only a great way to showcase your brand, but an integral part of your visual identity. Our job is to support your marketing teams in designing products that reflect your company’s image and fully meet your quality standards.
8. A.M.FLEXIPACK will showcase your company’s brand with exceptional- quality high color accuracy printing, precision graphics and premium materials.

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